Translation Services & Consulting for the Latino/Hispanic Market


Stark Naked Productions has been a leader in the Latino/Hispanic market for almost 3 decades. As advertisers began to take notice of the Spanish speaking market place in the U.S., Hispanic advertising started to produce marketing content to reach a valuable group of consumers whose numbers would prove to be an additional 56.6 million consumers as of 2016. Casting of Latino/Hispanic actors was crucial to the advertising agencies to produce original content that would be effective and reflect the consumers they were marketing to.
Latin Casting Triangle

Promoting Diversity in Casting

Enter: Elsie Stark and Elizabeth Gans

(Bi-lingual Casting Directors)
As a seasoned Casting Director in the general market for many years, Elsie Stark recognized the need for someone who understood the Spanish language, the Latino/Hispanic culture, and who knew how to outreach to the talented actors who were Latino and who were not part of the commercial community at that time. She used her personal knowledge as a first generation child of Puerto Rican and Peruvian parents and applied it to her expertise in casting. A talented actor is a talented actor no matter what language they speak. You just need to know who they are and the nuances of the culture and no one knows that better than Elsie Stark and her colleague, Elizabeth Gans. Both are bi-lingual and respected casting directors with years of experience in working in the Latino/Hispanic market.
Elsie began to work with those pioneering agencies such as Bravo, Castor, Conill, Siboney & others. Today she continues to be the premiere casting company for the Latino/Hispanic market working with many of the major Latino/Hispanic advertising agencies, production companies as well as general market agencies, who have diversified and broadened their view of casting for general market. Her passion is to promote diversity in all areas of casting whether it's in Spanish or in English.

Maintaining Creative integrity through translation

Enter: Frank Rodriguez

(Expert Translator/Producer)
For our clients who are producing content targeting Latinos/Hispanics who need a translator, director and/or consultant, we provide those services with our respected translator/producer Frank Rodriguez. His years of expertise working for major companies like HBO Latino, Telemundo, Cinemax, and Children's Television Network has given him an extensive body of work in translation services. He is an expert in maintaining the original creative integrity and intention of your English language commercials and campaigns when possible and giving creative adjustments when needed.
The content and integrity of your message will be on target and accurate in it's intention. We are acutely aware and respectful of what 56.6 million consumers mean to you and your clients.

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Frank Rodriguez —  Stark Naked Productions in New York, NY